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Welcome to Foxboro Cheese

Here at Lawtons Family Farm , we do 2 things with our fresh milk. 1 . We sell raw milk. 2. We make our own fresh cheese. We take pride in our committment to the health and welfare of our cows. We use no artificial hormones or antibiotics in our milk.

After milking the cows, the milk is transported from the back part of the farm to The Old Barn where it is transformed into beautiful cheese. Our cheeses are made in small batches of 95 - 120 gallons at a time.
We make our own "Fromage Blanc". Our Fromage Blanc is a soft creamy cheese with a cream cheese type texture. It is spreadable, as well as good for cooking. Fromage Blanc has a shelf life of about 4-5 weeks. We offer our Fromage Blanc plain or flavored with chives, lemon honey or tomato basil. Fromage Blanc is excellent as a spread, mixed with fresh local fruit, fresh local vegetables, mixed in salads, eggs, and with your Italian dishes.
We also make an Asiago raw milk cheese. Asiago is made in 100 - 120 gallon batches at a time. We hand stir it and then hand mold it. Our Asiago is meltable, and has a wonderful nutty, buttery flavor. After aging in the cheese cave for 60 days,it is then be brought up to the farmstore for sale.
We will be participating at many winter Farmers Markets where you can buy our cheeses,and sometimes our grass fed beef and veal. Check our home page for a listing.

Our Cheese room, where we craft our raw milk into fresh cheese building our cheeseroom Our cheese making room is behind our farmstore, with viewing windows for you to watch the cheesemaking in progress